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I enjoyed today's episode immensely. John and Nicole were wonderfully funny and touching. Much as I wanted her to stay villainously snarky, I do like seeing her softer side, and for the first time, I felt for her. I can believe that this baby means alot to her, and that she cares about it enough to do what's right for it. I think the writers were sharp to have her bare her soul to John. When I saw that she tells John first in the spoilers, it made no sense to me, but now it does, and it was used beautifully to show how both are really feeling. He's viewed as emotionless, and she as a manipulater, but they both showed they were basically lonely hurting human beings in need, and they reached out to help each other. John in his quirky underplayed way. Nicole in her overactive hormones way. We get to see how they really feel without them talking to themselves. It worked for me. I love seeing heavy emotion balanced by humor like this. I like them as friends.

I could live without Sami and EJ raging at each other but I could understand it in these circumstances. I agreed with EJ that it was all her fault he was with Nicole, but given she's dealing with just finding out about the pregnancy and unsure of what she can do, I could see her hormones going into overdrive. I felt bad for her. I'm glad they are having Lucas as her friend right now. I've never cared for BD, but he is more tolerable when he and Sami aren't arguing. I hope it continues. I like them as friends. I hate children being in the middle of yelling parents.

I did love EJ ranting to Stefano about Sami, and Stefano's response. Awesome scene. I just love Joe as Stefano. He's just a joy to watch.

The Kate story is hitting on all cylinders with me. Kate trying to hold it together with all this is very moving. I loved her with her sons, particularly Phillip and am warming up to Dan. The hand holding was touching.

I liked the Phloe scenes. I like him helping her out. I still wish they could find a better match for Phillip than Chloe. Nadia seems happier with Phil, and I like her better than Morgan, but I don't see tremendous chemistry. Nadia always seems to come off one dimensional to me, like being beautiful is all that matters, no real emotion required. Phillip can pull off the spark feeling with her, but she just misses with me for some reason.

I admit I was just glad to see Morgan go. I'm glad it was a quick exit.

It was nice to end the week on a good note.

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