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The Kate stuff today was my favorite part. Loved the scenes with her and her sons, especially Philip. I can't remember ever seeing JKJ and LK be given such good stuff before and I'm really enjoying it. I also am enjoying the finger fucking that is going on between Date. It's the closest thing to grannysex I've had so I'm gonna enjoy it.

I'm really disappointed in the lame way they wrote off Morgan. Not surprised but even expecting it to be so lame makes me sad. I did like the couple and even before that I liked Morgan. I loved her father Paul and now I wish when they brought LA back, to let Morgan and Paul go into hiding or something. That could have left more open for the return of the character if they wanted. And though I have no idea what happened with KR backstage, I do feel a bit sorry for the actress to be given literally nothing for weeks to only be brought back for 2 scenes.

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