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Oct 3 2008, 08:53 PM
I am so damn confused with the Sami vs. EJ vs. Nicole debacle.
Aside from their past history, on Thursday, we have Sami telling Lucas that EJ means nothing and that she doesn't want anything to do with him now or ever. On Friday, Sami blows a gasket ordering EJ to get out because he had dinner with Nicole, not to mention called him a bastard for going after all these women when she knows that he has been all over her for the past 2 years. Also, she said she didn't want things to be different because of the baby...like she wants EJ to want her for her.

On Thursday, EJ plans this date for Nicole, gets her gifts, has told her recently to have "faith in us" and showers her with compliments...but runs off to see Sami, his love. On Friday, EJ says that his date with Nicole meant nothing, says that he wants to have dinner with Sami, but then runs off and says he is not in love with her and she is an awful person.

I just can't tell you where EJ or Sami's mind is right now. WTF is going on?? Where are we going with this? Whenever I think I figure it out, EJ slams Sami or Sami starts treating EJ like shit.

And I feel for Nicole. Her scene with John was awesome, and Ari just sells anything her character does. I am pregnant too (congrats Sariah!!), and when Nicole talks about all the emotions that you feel when you find out, I totally agree. Surprisingly, Nicole is acting like the most mature of the 3.
I loved the banter between Nicole and John. I couldn't get enough of their scenes, and John just captivates me! I loved how he told her "you can't leave when you are this upset. You will drive into a tree." I love the way he delivers.
Ari and Drake just seem to be the most enthusiastic about their jobs out of everyone.

Kate/Phillip was intense, but I loved it.
Morgan exit was unnecessary and abrupt. I had high hopes for Phorgan, but ready to see what is next for my man, Philly K.

Lucas has been awesome as Sami's confidant. He is acting like Lucas, talking like Lucas, and Sami loosens up. He is at his best like this. Loved that he took up for EJ. Love Lumis new relationship!!! They are great as friends and sound boards.

This week was great. I loved the movement, how the show continues after the "like sands through the hourglass", loved some of the references to history.
Look forward to next week.
I had the same thoughts about this triangle. Thursday didn't seem to match Friday, but just going by Friday, it seems to me like Ej does love Sami and is mainly trying to move on with Nicole out of frustration. If I were to guess, I'd think Stefano is gonna be more of a hurdle to EJ/Sami than Nicole, but I can't even make a good guess what is gonna happen because it changes so much from day to day.

I've stopped trying to follow this and J&M as storylines for now. I've been frustrated for so long, I'm just trying to enjoy the scenes without regard to story. When I've brought up issues with continuity from episode to episode, the Ed/Higley stuff was brought up as the excuse and now the new writers need time to get set. I've been seeing this kind of up and down since May, but I'm trying to hope that it was somehow all Ed's fault and that eventually the storylines themselves will flow and make sense after the new writers get set. Right now I'm just watching not expecting stories to flow from day to day and being happy if it does vs. frustrated when it doesn't. For the moment, that is helping. I just wish I knew how long it would take for new writers to get set so I could enjoy all the stories again vs scenes, but the scenes Friday were good imo. I do like more references to history too. :)

Congrats on the pregnancy! :cheer: These two pregnant storylines are bringing back memories for me of all the hormones I had. When Sami was ranting at Ej, my husband walked by and asked what was wrong with her. I said she's pregnant, and that's all he needed to know. He remembers lol! I suspect I sounded alot like Sami when he ticked me off.
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