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Classic Clip of the Week

The first part of eight to Tom Horton's funeral.

and now my thoughts ...

So I just finished watching Monday's episode, my first ever since August and I have to say, for the most part, I enjoyed it.

1) Melanie not being afraid to say what she wants is refreshing for DAYS, but Molly Burnett needs to learn how to stop clenching her teeth. Plus, in this episode it felt like she wasn't fully awake yet. The show also needs to work on having characters together and not making it seem like they're going to be paired up. I.E Phillip and Melanie. Speaking of Phillip, the hair people need to get their act together and stop showing off his five-head. It makes him look like a monkey. Oh, and Max warning her about Phillip was done just right. Max didn't act like Phillip was this huge Stefano like villain but just showed concerned like a big brother should. I really hope with spoilers stating that Stephanie is found with Trent's wallet that Melanie DOES have a plan to frame her and it actually WORKS. Thus, it would be a nice twist and a creative way to get rid of Shelly Hennig. Not every story has to end happily.

2) Kayla and Marlena's conversation was nice but its just sad to me that someone of Mary Beth Evans' acting ability is relegated to prop #1.

3) The biggest shocker for me was enjoying Sami and Lucas together ... as friends of course. Lucas always throwing zingers at her made me laugh on purpose but Sami was still a little OTT for the rest of the show.

4) Which brings me to John. Someone needs to tell Drake to stop talking like he's a zombie. He could still use his regular voice, because his low one makes him sound like an idiot. And I hate the talk of their being this DiMera business with board members and such. Stefano doesn't have a legit business and never would.

But all in all it was an alright show. However, the show needs to do something to really grip me in as a viewer.
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