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Oct 5 2008, 03:02 AM
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Oct 5 2008, 02:27 AM
I can't believe he is the new Brady. UGH!

Anyone but him! LOL! Also, he's too old to play Brady! Or he looks too old, I should say.

This sucks!
If the writers were smart they would have brought Brady back as a dark character. After his drug addiction I bet he'll return exactly the same.
That is why I'm worried about this.

Sure he looks the part. I don't think age is the issue. I actually think this could work better if not for the drug addiction because Martsolf is like Lowder, meaning he can play Brady as a lighter character. They both like to ham it up onscreen to compensate for their acting skills. However, Brady supposedly went through hell and the show needed to cast someone who could bring that to the role. Brady is going to be much edgier now, even moreso then when Lowder first joined. I doubt Martsolf can play that. I doubt the show will want to, though. It's clear that whole story got messed up because they thought they may get Lowder back but he didn't come back so they scrapped whatever was planned and came up with the drug addict angle. Therefore, the show probably won't make a big deal out of that part of the character even though they should.

Nice pics though. Looked like fun.
What they're essentially going to do is take the only aspect of the character that could be interesting and wipe it under the rug.
Pretty much, although it did say Brady would have issues with Chloe so who knows. Maybe they will make something of it.

I would actually rather they didn't. I just know Martsolf can't play that kind of material so it would be ugly.
So basically the show is damned if they do and damned if they don't. The twist though is that this time it's 100% their fault and has nothing to do with fan-bitches.
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