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Oh, thanks for starting this Amello.

I have to say I enjoyed Monday's show, but am not liking how OOC it feels that Philip is "helping" Melanie. At least use the Victor/Caroline connection to make him care about who Trent's killer is. Also I worry the show is trying to do a light chem test here with Philip/Melanie which I have huge problems iwth and no need to go there with Nick/Melanie and Philip's segway into Chloe/Brady . I'm really hoping this is simply used to give Philip a diversion until Lucas/Chloe split up and estrange Mick some which I admit were moving too fast. I do wish we could have heard more of what Melanie thought of Nick but I guess that was the point for her to cut him off.

I also agree they are wasting MBE's talents letting her be supporting to other characters 100% of the time. I'm fine with that for a little while but I would love for her to have her own story.

The Philip/Chelsea scenes were pretty good. Loved Chelsea smacking Philip upside the head for Morgan. Rm did a good job with her worry over Kate but it is irritating for her to call Dan up (in such a way he will probably get the wrong idea of why she wants to meet) and ask him questions he isn't going to answer. I also LOATHED to hear Chelsea admit to still loving Dan as I never bought them being in love initially anyway.

The Lucas/Sami stuff was cute and I can see why it's easy liking them as friends.
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