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Oct 5 2008, 06:07 PM
Ari has made Nicole my absolute favorite character this time around. I adore her. I really want things to work out for Nicole, she is outstanding and completely deserves some awesomeness right about now. IMO, of course ;)
Well, you and a lot of other people, judging from what I see on some other boards. ;) With the work she's doing, I'd hate to see Nicole get thrown under the bus for EJami, although some think Sami has been thrown under the bus for EJole. Maybe they should stop all this bus throwing-under and just let the characters be themselves, and may the best woman win!! :D
I just can't get worked up over any certain couple because, who knows when Dena will piss off the wrong person finally and get fired. Or, when the wrong writer or producer pisses Dena off and gets fired. Or when an actor gets fed up and leaves. Days is just not stable enough to bank on anything except that they probably don't have the guts to fire Frances anymore.
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