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Oct 5 2008, 04:34 PM
Oct 5 2008, 03:55 PM
I agree. This John is not someone Marlena would be attracted to. It's unbelievable that she would want to remain married to John the way he is now. Of course she's always going to have that feeling that the old John could emerge, but it's been months now and one has to grow tired of hope and lose it and move on with their lives. That's what needs to happen with Marlena.

I'm not saying that they have to instantly hook Marlena up with another man. That's not necessary, but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind seeing Marlena have a new man in her life that she falls in love with. Then, just as Marlena and her man are getting more serious, John gets his memory back and now we're in store for a classic star-crossed lovers reunion that John and Marlena fans know best.
I think John and Marlena have always (or almost always) been written as having an underlying connection that supersedes anything else. Though it may sound sappy, the writing for them has long suggested that something 'otherworldly' is drawing them to each other. I don't think John's having a new personality would change that. The part of the current story which makes the least sense to me is that Marlena is not being written as caring enough about John to try anything other than yearning for a computer disk to bring him back. It's like, since the disk is broken, she's ready to say goodbye to the man who she's loved for years.

Ideally, in my mind, the story would have gone as follows: Marlena tries all she can to help John regain his memory. In the process, she falls in love with the "new John". Then, John does get his memory back, and she realizes she's loved the same man all along, no matter what his personality.
this is probably in large part the reason I got tired of John with Marlena...the idea that it was inevitable and no one or thing, even the devil could keep them apart. I didn't find that romantic (which I'm sure is simply my own flaw lol) but over time that connection thing has stagnated into something extremely predictable. I realize love is to some degree a mystery...why we fall for one person and not another and what keeps us together, but one's personality and past still have something to do with that and the idea that two people can't fall out of love or lose their connection seems to me rather like suggesting that people don't die. Loss is as much a part of life as love and the latter wouldn't mean much without the possibility of the former.
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