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Oct 5 2008, 08:35 PM
That's so true. Where's the angst and the suspense?
exactly...which is why, for me at least, most of the J/M stories of the last few years have rung hollow. Their reunion is always a forgone conclusion and if that is going to be the case, fine, but the show needs to stop putting the characters in a position like that and come up with something else for them to do.
My point is that just as characters can act "in character", a relationship can be "in character". While of course characters can "lose" in the course of the story (to address your previous post), if the characters are behaving towards each other as if they had no history together, I don't think that's a well-written story. You might disagree. All of the J&M relationship stories over the past 22 years have been written with a certain underlying theme, which is that J&M have a special connection to each other. The stories themselves have varied, and the characters have absolutely had ups and downs within the stories. For example, 95-97. While the ending might have been a foregone conclusion, the story was imo very well-developed, and both characters went through very tough circumstances.

In other words, the writer should have an intended ending, and the audience should be so engaged in the story that they want that ending to happen. Some famous stories (not just J&M) have likely changed course midstream, but the talented writer will do this in such a way that the point of view of the story shifts as well, and the audience loyalty along with it.

As to LadyOftheLake's "where's the suspense" point, the suspense is within the story itself. A good soap story can last years and be full of cliffhangers and suspenseful moments. Since imo Dena Higley is not capable of writing one of these stories, the current J&M story has had virtually no suspense or angst, other than that provided by the actors.
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