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Oct 5 2008, 07:45 PM
Oct 5 2008, 07:24 PM
this is probably in large part the reason I got tired of John with Marlena...the idea that it was inevitable and no one or thing, even the devil could keep them apart. I didn't find that romantic (which I'm sure is simply my own flaw lol) but over time that connection thing has stagnated into something extremely predictable. I realize love is to some degree a mystery...why we fall for one person and not another and what keeps us together, but one's personality and past still have something to do with that and the idea that two people can't fall out of love or lose their connection seems to me rather like suggesting that people don't die. Loss is as much a part of life as love and the latter wouldn't mean much without the possibility of the former.
Oh, I'm not saying that any two people can't fall out of love. I'm saying that John and Marlena wouldn't fall out of love. And if that sounds silly... it's a soap, and they're fictional characters. I understand you don't like that aspect of their relationship, and that's certainly your prerogative, but I would venture to say that many (most?) of the viewers who have liked them over the years have appreciated them in part because of that aspect. So while you find it predictable, many expect it to be the driving force behind their stories. And when it isn't, those viewers who do like it are left feeling alienated, because characters they enjoy watching are behaving out of character, and a relationship they've appreciated for over 20 years now seems as though it had been built on quicksand.
That is exactly how I feel about John and Marlena. It is a special once in a lifetime relationship for me.

But this is not even a J&M situation to me. I'm not saying that Marlena should still be crazy in love with John or hoping for a reunion. I'm saying that it makes no sense her following up NOW when he may die. If it were any other couple, would it make any sense if one partner found out their spouse might die, they run to a lawyer to get divorce papers drawn up even if they had been thinking about divorce for ages?

If she had divorced him when he was living with Ava then I wouldn't have had a problem with it. But why now and why the urgency? Even if she meets someone else and falls in love at first sight, does she plan to get married that quick? Is she secretly dying to run off with Roman now or something?

Given that J&M are a special couple to me, I do expect more from their love, but I certainly don't expect less.

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