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Oct 6 2008, 02:54 AM
Oct 5 2008, 03:55 PM
Oct 5 2008, 03:44 PM
I personally think it would be way too typical DAYS and stupid if Marlena didn't want to divorce John. I like them, but seriously, he's not even the same person. How dumb does that make her look?

I think it would be best to go with the divorce route - it doesn't mean she doesn't love the REAL John. Then when he does eventually come back, they can get back together or whatever.
I agree. This John is not someone Marlena would be attracted to. It's unbelievable that she would want to remain married to John the way he is now. Of course she's always going to have that feeling that the old John could emerge, but it's been months now and one has to grow tired of hope and lose it and move on with their lives. That's what needs to happen with Marlena.

I'm not saying that they have to instantly hook Marlena up with another man. That's not necessary, but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind seeing Marlena have a new man in her life that she falls in love with. Then, just as Marlena and her man are getting more serious, John gets his memory back and now we're in store for a classic star-crossed lovers reunion that John and Marlena fans know best.
I would love that.

It allows BOTH characters to grow as individuals. It allows both to be independent.

I don't want either character sacrificed just for the sake of another love story. I don't want them boxed in with limited story potential. Just let them be away from each other but let the connection still be there. Let them both interact separately but realize more and more they still have feelings there and, eventually, find their way together again. It can kind of be a play on the Affair story a bit but with nuJohn. There are many other angles to play. I just want good story. I want something different. I think more general fans will react to that then the same old thing.

I understand J&M fans want what they want and that is fine. I just think there is more that can be done then that and that settling for that is just not good for the show because...then what? Where do J&M go from there? I think you have to open up story for them both individually and as a couple. The romantic adventure angle is getting tired for all the supercouples. Let the young cast take those on with their parents help. I want to see the parents deal with new things. Have Marlena have a career-driven story. Have John investigate his missing years after he was separated from Colleen. Things like that. Have them do some individual things, maybe find some new love interests to interact with and then have them come together. You create more story that way for both them individually and together.

I understand they have a connection and that needs to be used. It is being used. My point is let's not go the same old route. You can tie back into history and put new spins on it. As I said, maybe a play on the affair story only with nuJohn and Marlena. Many current fans fell for them during that story. Remind fans of why J&M are great in the first place. I don't want to see J&M 1998-2007. I want J&M 1986-1997. Both independent characters. Both strong characters. They were in love but weren't too sappy. They were sexy, fun, gripping. I want that back and I think the show can get that dynamic (which I think is their best dynamic) back if it allows both characters to be on their own a bit and then come together. That is one story I think can work at a slower pace in this fast-paced soap climate.

It's bad enough Days has to rely on the same characters over and over to come through for them but continuously going back to the constant romantic adventures and falling in love again stories just isn't going to work. The well is dry on those. The couples are already in love, except nuJohn and Marlena in which case it works but it needs to be about more then that. I know some will argue it's the writers being lazy and so on but it really isn't. Not saying writers aren't lazy but there really is only so much you can do with the same characters over and over. Maybe some out there are interested in the same stories over and over for their faces but I'm not and I believe many others aren't either. That is just as much a reason for the ratings problems for soaps as anything else. I've known some casual viewers who are friends of mine that tune in once and awhile and ask me why Bo and Hope are getting married again or, this goes back a few years, why J&M are reuniting again or why they don't see more real conflict on the show instead of characters going on adventures or facing down a supervillain. I have no answer for that. I just say a good portion of fans want this and they simply laugh. Just for the record, many of the viewers I'm talking about here are women in their mid 30's to late 50's.

Just goes to show you how different many of us are in what we want and don't want from our show. My hope is that when J&M reunite, there is story there because I fear there won't be. I think that is why the show is dragging it's feet. It doesn't know where to go afterwards. I also hope that neither character is sacrificed just to reunite them. Let them have individual lives and stories too, not just couple stories. That is my hope. Off my soapbox now. :laugh:
I'm more opposed to the way they are portraying Marlena to get their story than I am to them breaking them up for the story you mention below, but it seems it doesn't matter what they do to the character as long as they get their story. I just hate an obviously contrived break-up that goes against the core of what I believe about one of my favorite characters. It's obvious that's where the story is going and no amount of discussion is going to change that the writers are going to have Marlena divorce John at a time when his brain may implode, so I'll leave that point alone, painful as it is to the core of J&M as a couple to me.

But to your point of romantic stories. I do think there are more stories that can be told than just the pure romance of a couple getting together. For years, I've wanted them to have the vets in storylines where now that they are settled and happy, they give back to the community. When Steve didn't have a job. I thought him doing something with troubled young people at the waterfront would make sense. Before Kayla was COS, I envisioned her helping out like she did in the early days when she worked at the clinic. John with his millions aiding physically and financially sponsoring the clinic. Of course Marlena helping as a shrink (Forever I've wanted her back in her psychiatrist role!), and finally Bo, Hope, Abe as police would be involved. They could have had them get involved with troubled people, and instead of breaking our couples up, have the love our couples have for each other be used to bring others hope. There would be lots of potential for interesting stories, the vets could interact with each other more and have lots of opportunity for conflict and angst, and it would be a way to get us involved with younger people who could become new characters we'd grow to enjoy and follow. Personally, I'm tired of all the young people being spoiled brats going from couple to couple.

But it seems all the writers want to write, is a couple broken up and put back together. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there can be more for vets than just breaking them up or using them as props.
And I'm not really referring to J&M in this instance because I never had a problem with them having Marlena divorce John back when he was with Ava given this Pawn situation where John has been totally changed by Stefano. I haven't liked how they portrayed Marlena all year, but John being un-John like and her divorcing him made sense back then. I could see the story that you paint below. I can see it possibly coming now. But they've totally messed up the execution. It should not be occuring now when John is already changing and when he may die. (Man I hate even typing that).

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