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Oct 6 2008, 01:33 PM
I've idly threatened to quit the show many times since my return to viewership in 2006, but if they pair Philip with Melanie then yep, that's it, I'm out. If this is anything more than a one-sided crush on Melanie's part I will be furious. (Hear that, TPTB? You don't want to make me start complaining on the Internet, do you? I didn't think so!)
You and I agree on this. I won't have a problem with Melanie crushing on Philip. It's the moment when Philip starts being interested in Melanie, romantically, is when I'm going to flip shit. Philip just doesn't come off to me as someone that would date someone so young. Hell, I didn't think he would date someone as young as Morgan, and at least she was in college.

I see Philip's type of woman as this strong and powerful business-type, much like his mother.
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