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Today's show was pretty good!

First off, loved me some Lumi banter! Those two really know how to play off each other and BD really adds some much needed humor and balance to AS when she gets obnoxious.

WTF was Sami wearing though! It was a smock? A tent? She wore a 3X sweater dress with 1970s feathered hair!!! My beautiful girl looked like utter shit! These people win Emmy's for this?
She is in her second trimester and could possibly pull off some normal wear...maybe fitted in the bosom, flowy at the bottom. I am in my second trimester too, and I know there are some decent looking clothes for a woman in her early 30s...and I don't live in the fashion capital, LA. She looked like a grandma! Big thumbs down on her wardrobe, hair and makeup!

Anyways, Sami is dreaming of kissing EJ? Great stuff! Guess that means she is in love with him today! EJ was freaking out about her missing and Lucas called her out on loving EJ and she didn't protest. Dare I think they might go the way of Ejami? Hopes not up.

Phillip and Melanie turned me on for a little while. When he had his did-your-brother-warn-you-to-stay-away-from-me line, I was thinking that maybe Phelanie could work, but Mel started clenching her teeth and reminded me she was 17...not such a good idea! I do think Phillip needs to lose the meek, innocent types (Belle, Chloe) and go for someone with some tude, but since Morgan is gone, not sure I want Philly to try and save someone else with daddy issues.

Must give props to Chelsea today. Still a spoiled brat, but I thought she looked great. The hair was good and she was dressed her age.

Loved me some Stefano opposite Johnny. I wonder if Joe minds those babysitting scenes. He is cute with the kids, and it is nice to see him soften a bit.
Funny that out of all the kids grandparents, Steffie is the only one that seems to want to see his grandkids. When was the last time Kate checked on Ali? Or Roman saw Johnny?

And I think Steffie's jaw dropping reaction to Sami's "what the hell are you doing with my son" in the cemetary was more his reaction to seeing her horrible 70s style than being offended! No shit Steffie knows you are preggers, Sami. You touch your stomach every time he mentions grandkids...oh, and that horrible tent dress.

John and Marlena always make my heart skip a beat when they get angsty romantic. I guess I am hoping that they do divorce, and Marlena dates again and when they get serious, oldJohn comes back. However, I do like NuJohn. I was always a so-so Jarlena fan, but I do root for them to find their way back. They are very passionate, and I love John.

Great show today!
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