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Oct 6 2008, 02:48 PM
Taking the baby to the cemetery was very strange, and even Stefano seemed to think so; when JM delivered his lines "explaining" it, he was a little awkward with it, like he knew what we would all be thinking! However, I do love him reading "The Art of War" to Johnny. Very cute scene. And Stefano is waaaay too smart to not know Sami is pregnant. In that horrible dress, it was very obvious.
I think this is a part of fun we can have with the set shortage. The writers are always making some crazy excuses why the appropriate set isnīt used. The cementery looks like a remodeled park set and they obviously didnīt want to change it back just for today because the cementery will still be needed for another Trentīs murder "flashback". But it was pretty funny the way they tried explained how Sami and Stefano could "accidentaly" meet there.

Of course, the most funny thing is the DiMera mansion and the way people shifts in the living room. I always imagine Stefano waiting impatiently upstairs in his room till John or EJ leaves the living room, so he can put out his chess set. ;)
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