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The set thing never seems to bother me except when no attempt is made at explaining it so I'm glad they most of the time make note of it. I really liked last week when EJ mentioned Nicole practically living at the Pub. Sure, Joe may have rolled his eyes at that line explaining why he was at the cemetery but I think it's necessary and I actually think it fit the character. Stefano would want his grandson to know his ancestors and, granted he is quite young, Stefano is also reading the "Art of War" to him so it works. I thought Stefano/Johnny were cute today and really loved the Stefano vs John stuff. I don't mind that Stefano's business has a board because most businesses do. Even businesses run by the mob do. They have various people involved. They just don't often use the term "board" to describe them. Stefano's business needs investors and other funding to be successful. You can't build an empire on family funding alone so of course he has people, perhaps family friends (mob bosses, etc) or something ,that invested in the company. I'm glad they mentioned that. It's realistic and I like the fact that John is seeking the board out to discredit Stefano. Glad the Dimera story is back in the fold.

Kayla/Marlena was very good. I just wish MBE had more to do then this. The J&M scene at the end was very good too. I'm really liking the progression of their story and Marlena using the divorce papers to force him to get medical help, on Kayla's advice.

I really enjoyed Chelsea and Philip. It was nice they had Chelsea mention Morgan and then have her hit him and yell at him. I just wish Stephanie had mentioned her too. I also felt today was the first time in a long time that Melvin was into her performance. When Philip dropped hints about Kate, Chelsea's whole demeanor changed and Melvin rocked it. Her guilt over treating her so badly...her conflict over being mad that she can't be made at Kate now because of what is going on...great writing and acting. Jay did well too. Also glad Philip mentioned Morgan in the beginning. Philip/Melanie was a little too flirty (which leads me to believe Days was toying with the idea of pairing them but with Nadia staying they likely won't now) but I did enjoy their scenes because I love both actors and their characters. Did like Max playing big brother and his treatment of Philip. I like how he handled it. He didn't make Philip out to be that bad but he said enough to serve the purpose. Liked his makeup scene with Melanie

I agree with Drew's point about Stax. The fans know it, the show knows it. If we are stuck with them as a couple, which I no longer mind so much, then just acknowledge their relationship. Having Stephanie call her grandmother Caroline is just stupid. It's her grandma. Let her call her that. This shit has to stop. It's been going on blatantly for too long now and it makes the audience feel like the show is treating them like fools. Hopefully they get the message and cut it out because it's beyond annoying.

Lumi were good again today. Their dynamic is definitely back. They did dress Sami horribly though. My God. It looked like she wrapped up in something. I also wish she would lose the platinum hair. She's had it for awhile now and it just doesn't suit her. I know she will likely keep it now because of being on TBL and all but I don't like it. Ali and Bryan were great today. They have their edge and fire back. I love Lucas knowing Sami's secret. It's like the good old days and they have their zingers back and everything. Nice ending too with Lucas assuming EJ knew the truth already. I did like Sami spazzing out on Stefano and his response and that was a nice way of enhancing her fear by having her find him and Johnny at the cemetery. Of course, Stefano has the sense that something is going on (which Joe played perfectly and the scenes had a chilling feel to them as you could see Sami's dread, especially in her last scene today. Joe and Ali do work well together. EJ/Stefano had some fun scenes as well.

Not a bad way to start the week.
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