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Oct 6 2008, 06:22 PM
I don't mind that Stefano's business has a board because most businesses do. Even businesses run by the mob do. They have various people involved. They just don't often use the term "board" to describe them. Stefano's business needs investors and other funding to be successful. You can't build an empire on family funding alone so of course he has people, perhaps family friends (mob bosses, etc) or something ,that invested in the company. I'm glad they mentioned that. It's realistic and I like the fact that John is seeking the board out to discredit Stefano. Glad the Dimera story is back in the fold.
Tim, this comes off as no offense intended, but that's one of the biggest spins I've heard you give this show to date. Come on now. Are you really going to tell me that you weren't slightly thinking "WTF?!" at Stefano discussing the board members and CEOs of a DiMera business, we still know nothing about, that is and has always been an underground crime organization. When I think of the DiMera business, I think of a mob. I think of underground crime. I think of Stefano meeting with people at the mansion, discussing what they're going to do and then his men going out and getting the job done. I do not think of board rooms and charts and someone being appointed CEO making decisions in a fairly fashion. Come on! That's ridiculous to even spin that way.
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