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Oct 6 2008, 09:27 PM
Don't get me wrong. I like Rachel. She is very talented and I like the character. She is very nice and I enjoy her blogs and hearing about her life. This was a very nice entry and I do hope she gets more story soon, although I don't mind the break since she's been frontburner alot since she came on. I also like that her character is working at the hospital and with Theo and am enjoying her interactions with Kate, Chelsea, Philip, Nick, etc.

That all being said...I'm really beginning to see a problem here. I don;t mind rallying fans or appreciating them and I guess what I'm about to say has more to do with other things then it does with her blog entry but her mention of Chan here is kind of what sparked me. Anyway, I get that Chan have fans and that is fine. However, since Chan ended, I've noticed an alarming change in Rachel's performance and it seems to derive from the fact that she doesn't care for the fact that Chan are done. Again, she has a right to her opinion but when it begins to interfere with her work, it's an issue. She's been better lately, especially today, which was her best performance in months IMO. However, since the Chan breakup in August and for a good part of September, you could almost sense bitterness in her performance and she was phoning it in big time during the breakup scenes. Plus, I've noticed in some interviews she refuses to acknowledge the prospect of other love interests, including Nick. She always refers back to Chan and, in a small SOW blurb a few weeks ago, when confronted with the fact that Nick and Chelsea were back in story together, Rachel said that they are simply friends and there can't be anything more. She felt both characters had moved beyond that. Now she has a right to think that but toss that in with her push for Chan and everything else i mentioned and it just presents an ugly picture and makes Rachel look like a sore loser, in a sense. She didn't get her way and she's trying to rally fans to her cause so that things change and go her way. She just doesn't seem to acknowledge Chick fans nor does she seem to acknowledge the point that many don't like Chan. It's like she thinks they are this universally loved couple and she clearly is frequenting the NBC boards or something because they are not that loved. She makes them out to be Bope or something.

Sure, I'm sure she sees major story promise and perhaps believes a pairing with Daniel has more legs then one with Nick or someone else. However, I disagree. Nick is a Horton and she is a Brady. Granted, it's been done to death but that has to have legs. Not only that but her relationship with Daniel was so rushed and forced and she often comes off like she enjoys it more because she gets to make out with a hot, older guy. I guess being her age it's natural but still. I don't know. Maybe it's just be but I just think there is an issue here. She hasn't blogged in awhile either until now and she is clearly not liking what is going on. Yeah she has little story right now but, as I said, it seems to be about more then that.
I thank you for this. I don't think she has been phoning it in like you said but there is something different in her performance. I think RM is one of the more talented actors on the set but I wonder if she might have let the Emmy nod and kudoes get to her (along with the constant propping from the Chan fans who do compare that coupling to Bope).

She certainly is welcome to her own opinion but I thought actors weren't supposed to be this vocal in their negativity. Rumors have come around that JKJ didn't like Phorgan. Well I can't say that's true because he's given no indication in PRESS INTERVIEWS that was the case and I think it shows his level of professionalism.

Of course, I probably should just outright admit that the Chick fans did send in some gift baskets earlier this year and RM barely spit out a thank you on her forum so seeing her prompt on her own thanking the chan fans for their "outpouring of support" really gets to me and makes me wonder if RM would prefer to be off the show then be put back into a relationship with Nick (because according to her it's a step down for the character, whatever).

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