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Oct 6 2008, 03:11 PM
Oct 6 2008, 03:03 PM
I'm finding the recent Sami/Lucas scenes very enjoyable...
That's the thing. There are many times that Sami has great scenes, but why is she never written properly on a continued basis? Why does she have decent scenes, but never decent stories? With every Sami story, it just feels like "been there, done that... did it better the first time."

Everything involving Sami is just tired. From her female rivalries to her relationship issues to everything in between, she just feels played out. They need to take her in a fresh direction while keeping the TRUE core of Sami intact.
Great way to put it.

Sure, she is being written much better of late but, once again, she is keeping a secret. Granted, the story is playing ok so far and the fact that Lumi are kind partners in crime again and keeping a secret is nice but I still want a fresh direction. I agree that something career driven would bed ideal. It's such a shame they went with the pregnancy because they finally had her going where I wanted. She was going to be on her own, raising her kids, and getting a job. She was starting fresh without a man. Now, she's pregnant and we're back to square one. Your right in that it's been there, done that. That is the problem Days and so many other shows face. Not much can be done that hasn't been seen unless we start dabbling in the supernatural again or something.

Even though I don't necessarily want another man tossed at her, part of the reason I keep hoping Galen is coming on for Sami is because it's something fresh and new. Anything to deviate from the status quo.

This is an ok interview. Not much here but interesting nonetheless.
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