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You know......I often wonder what Shawn Christiansen's take on all this is.......
I can't believe the slap in the face to the Chick fans.
And I agree with both of you...it's very obvious her acting is starting to run hot and cold. I wonder if the Blake mention was a token.
The girl better get her act together. In soaps, she needs to expect this is going to happen, ESPECIALLY if she is for something that doesn't seem popular with the general audience. Would this be like another alleged Allison incident: pushing for something she wants and the hell for what's good for the story? (Just an example. I don't KNOW if that's happening).
It's not as if they didn't try Chan. They tried, and although Chan has fans, by and large, it seemed to be greeted by moans and "Oh, hell, they won't go THERE, will they?" That's not a good sign.
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