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As a fan of Rachel and Daniel&Chelsea I have to say I loved this blog! However, I love all her blogs! Rachel takes the time to allow us to get to know her just a little…which she doesn’t have to do….and it allows us to see her personality. I enjoyed the shout out to the Cure My Tragedy board in this blog because that board does spend a lot of time loving Rachel and Daniel&Chelsea and its nice to know she is seeing that!
Rachel is human. She is doing a job. She is a very talented actress quite possibly the best to come on screen in this medium in a long time. I like that Rachel says that she learns from all the best people around her! She shows how much she truly admires and respects those she works with that have more experience than she does! With that being said she has a right to like certain storylines better than others. It isn’t that she hated the Chick fans or the Chick storyline, she is just simply stating very true facts. (By the way Rachel has always talked highly of Blake and talks about him like a friend so her enjoying the DANSEA storyline has nothing to do with her opinion of Blake.) All Rachel said in the interviews, and its true, is that Chelsea has matured so much over the last several months that for her to go back to Nick would be a step backwards…really for both of them. They are better off friends and I think they could make great friends for each other for anything they may endure. Chelsea realized that she cared about Nick but that she didn’t love him…he isn’t the one that she is meant to be with forever. Chelsea found that in Daniel. He has the potential to be “the One.” So to call Rachel a brat for her opinion of a storyline is uncalled for. And I understand why Rachel wants the Dansea storyline, like someone said earlier Nick/Chelsea has been done to death Daniel is different it brings a whole new prospect of opportunity and different types of stories to tell.
Rachel’s performances have not be lacking over the last several weeks…and she most certainly has not been “phoning them in.” The young lady is talented and her performances have actually been better than ever! She has learned to channel the emotion and not be so over the top like a few actresses in this medium who will remain nameless. Rachel has mastered a skill very few ever learn their entire careers in the industry and that is she can tell everything the entire story and all her emotions with just her eyes. She has learned to convey so much emotion with her eyes that is talent it isn’t a “phoned in” performance. Chelsea is going through a rough time where everything is upside down for her. She loves her grandma and she was “falling hard” for Daniel and thought she had found the one so she is experiencing a wide variety of emotions….sad, devastation, cheated, anger, love, betrayal, self damnation, bitterness, and a lot more…I think that Rachel has done a FANTASTIC job playing all these emotions and making me feel that with her at the same time…she is making Chelsea very very believable right now.
Rachel needs to continue to be herself and blogging about whatever she wants! She is a great person and can’t wait to read her next one!
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