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Actually Rachel blog was very nice. She is a very talented actress, and think mature for her age. I believe that Rachel spoke about Daniel and Chelsea because that is the storyline she is in right now. That is the relationship she was in most recently. It was Dansea. Her storyline is still Dansea. The way I look at it right now it is Daniel/Chelsea/Kate. Kate and Daniel are not officially a couple yet. Who really knows where this story is going. When I watch them what I see is Daniel being rejected because of what he and Kate did. I see Chelsea as being hurt and lashing out... which pushes kan together. Rachel only expressed her thanks because of what she has received based on the storyline she was in, tell me what is wrong with that? Nothing. I am sure Rachel Melvin enjoyed her time with Blake when she was in that relationship too and does not mean to offend any of the Chick fans. But you have to give her her opinion too. She moved on to another storyline. If we look at both relationships they are totally different. I think both she and Nick grew apart. the relationship got stale. I believe they both wanted something more, meaning Rachel and Blake. Just look at Blake now, he seems totally different. His character is more mature and I like him better. They have both grew, and are getting bigger and better storylines. I will say that Dansea is not over, and Kan is not a done deal... The history of Soaps is the proof....
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