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Oct 7 2008, 07:09 PM
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It also would have taken the show nicely into the next generation. Belle marries her love Shawn but is drawn to Philip and the three do a dance for years to come with Philip and Belle crossing paths in a number of different ways but with him marrying and having children, divorcing because his heart can only truly be given to Belle. Meanwhile Belle and Shawn build a wonderful life together but there is that itch that Belle has that only Philip can scratch.
As a fan of JKJ's Philip - this isn't a storyline I'd like to see. I would really to see Philip happy and in love, and I wouldn't want to see JKJ wasted as the perpetual loser (which I'm already having a hard time with here - I'd really like Chloe to pull her head out and choose him already!).

I can see from a general viewer's standpoint where it might make for an interesting story, but I wouldn't like to watch Philip unhappy for the rest of his life because Belle was with Shawn. I'm glad he's moved on from that.
I never said he would be unhappy the rest of his life. Victor hasn't led an unhappy life even though he never married Caroline. I think Philip could have great loves and children but his heart could never be completely given to anyone except Belle.

The way I see it, Philip could be a wonderfully complex character who is a big ole badass, or is he?
I like your line of thinking. To take it one more step, though...Shawn never comes back! I think Phelle could be awesome.
That's what I want to see. And, after Phelle have gotten together, they could bring Shawn back. But, by then, Belle's completely over her high school romance, and chooses Philip...which doesn't stop Philip from being insecure. And Shawn is still Claire's father....

I agree with whoever said that Belle is Philip's Caroline. But they don't have to have the same outcome! But, even if they did, I'd be happy as long as I got a lot of great Phelle scenes along the way.
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