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I think this may have been posted a while back, but it might been updated or something since it is the listed with today's date.

Sides for Bobby

Contract Role.

Fade in:

(Bobby in front of the mirror, striking an "at-bat" pose with an imaginary baseball bat)

Bobby: Fly ball to center. Oh baby, he crushed that one. It is high, it is deep, it is....

(A voice cuts through the doorway)

Melanie: A pop up to the shortstop. The game is over. Oh, baby.

(Bobby turns to see Melanie regarding him with amusement.)

Bobby: How long have you been standing there?

Melanie: (shrugs) Long enough to see that you've got a pretty sweet swing.

Bobby: You could've knocked.

Melanie: Yeah. I could have, but then I would have missed the show.

Bobby: Did you want something in particular?

Melanie: Not really.

Bobby: I'll see you around then.

Melanie: You don't want me to leave. I can tell. (She waltz's past him into the room) So you're a good ball player huh?

Bobby: Not bad.

Melanie: Captain of your school team. So my brother tells me.

Bobby: Yeah? What else did he say?

Melanie: (ignores) Why'd your mom send you away, anyway?

Bobby: (turns on her) What?

Melanie: How come she packed you off to a boarding school?

Bobby: (angrily) She didn't "pack me off". And don't talk about my mom like that.

Melanie: Like what?

Bobby: Like she did something bad. I'm sick of people coming down on my mother.

Melanie: All I said was....

Bobby: (cuts her off/angry) You don't know what you're talking about.

Melanie: Okay, sorry. I was just making conversation. (eyes him a beat/taken back by his reaction) There are no girls at your boarding school, right? So what do you do?

Bobby: (eyes her) What do you mean?

Melanie: For fun. What do you do for fun?

Bobby: There's a girls' school about twenty miles away.

Melanie: So how's that work? You guys run over and sneak in the dorms after hours and stuff?

Bobby: (grins) How old are you?

Melanie: You know how old.

Bobby: Sixteen.

Melanie: So?

Bobby: There are things you're not supposed to know.

Melanie: Trust me I know plenty.

Bobby: If you say so.

Melanie: So I hear all you ever did with the girls at that school is have dances with them.

Bobby: I did? Okay. We....had "dances." You heard right.

Melanie: (sarcastic) Dances. Wow. That's off the hook. Crazy insane.

Bobby: So what's "off the hook" here in Salem these days? What do you and your friends do for a good time?

Melanie: We just kind of let things happen. You know? If something feels right, we go with it.

Bobby: Sounds simple enough.

Melanie: It is. You should try it sometime.

Bobby: (looks her up and down) Maybe I will.

Melanie: Yeah......if your lucky.

Melanie exits.
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