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Oct 7 2008, 11:54 PM
Nicole Dimera
Oct 7 2008, 11:06 PM
LMAO. I'm hoping GG's character is for Nicole in the long run. I think Ari and Galen would be on FIRE.
Eh, I don't know. I can't picture them together in my head like I can imagine Galen with Alison. I'll have to wait and see Nicole and Gerring's character on screen for the first time before I can make that judgement. However, Gerring and Sweeney, I just know will have that chemistry.
Same here. That is why I'm on board with Galen coming on. I do think Ari has similarities to Mackenzie Westmore so it could work but Ali and Galen's personalities will mesh well and the chemistry is there. I also agree that as long as they write her the way they are now, it's fine using her in story.

Stax just being there is a perfect assessment. That is how I feel too. I like both characters but...together...there is just no impact. The only time I feel anything is when they ignore the family relation. The writers know and it probably is a joke. I just wish they realizes the audience isn't stupid and that they are beyond annoyed. If they just acknowledged it from the start and maybe even worked it into story, maybe less people would be against Stax. On tomorrow's episode, they dance around it again. Stephanie calls Bo and Roman her uncles and calls them Max's brothers but they never have her call Bo or Roman her uncles. You can tell they are avoiding the issue and it's distracting.
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