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The murderer vows to kill Sami Brady; Melanie briefly tells Max what happened the night their dad died.
This makes me think that the murderer's initial target might have been Sami and not the mayor, maybe? Just a thought. The spoiler also suggests that he hasn't been caught. Also, if it turns out that the murder's target was always the mayor, who ordered the hit? :ermmmm:

As far as Max and Melanie, that's just more flashbacks. I want this Trent murder solved already. :eyeroll:

Max breaks up with Stephanie; Lexie confronts Stefano about the mayor's death
A Stax break up? :OhMy: I didn't see that coming! My condolences to you Terry! We'll see how long it lasts though. :hmmph:

I'd like to see Chax revisted. Now that Chelsea and Stephanie are really close, I'd like to see a wrench thrown in there, just to vamp up the drama between them. They're obviously going with a Nick/Melanie pairing as "Bobby" a/k/a Will is being brought in for the Nick/Melanie/Will triangle. I highly doubt they would be pairing Stephanie and Phillip....it would be too much to ask for them to make a smart decision like that. Besides, Brady is coming into the picture, which means we've got Phillip/Chloe/Brady coming up. If the break is permanent, what will happen with Stephanie? If they do decide on a Phillip/Chloe/Brady triangle, what will happen to Lucas? I don't think BD is getting fired, since it seems that Will is coming back. Stecas/Luphanie anyone? :laugh:

Lexie confronting Stefano sounds promising. :smile:

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