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Oct 8 2008, 12:41 PM
Oct 8 2008, 12:33 PM
Oct 8 2008, 12:15 PM

I'd like to see Chax revisted.
Oh Lord no. Please no. I love you Pearly but can they not bother to find Max a love interest who he isn't related to? I've been happy with how completely platonic Chelsea/Max have become without a hint of interest there. I'd liket hem to keep it that way.

And if someone has to be brought on for Mick to be a foil (Bobby), then let Chelsea remain there as that way I'm still getting two girls for Nick.
I understand what you are saying Tripp and :iloveyou: too, by the way. I guess I just don't want RM backburned. I really like her acting and she has so much potential, if she were to be given a better s/l that would clearly be seen. I was just trying to fit her in somewhere. ^_^
I love RM too but I have to admit, it's probably for the best to backburner RM for awhile. It's mainly because there was a huge backlash against Chelsea created thanks to Chan and the girl has not been backburnered I don't think in 2 years. She is very talented and there is potential for Chelsea but I think they should let her sit back and "rest" from dating for awhile. Everyone has had backburnering. I know it doesn't feel like it but Max was hardly seen spring of LAST year and Stephanie hasn't had much to do as of late. We know Nick has been MIA for 6 months until recently.

And the last thing I want to see, especially given the failings of Chan and before that Chett, is for the show to pair her with a guy simply because he was available for her. It's probably why the show is failing so much with audiences. Chelsea needs to regain being her own self again, bring back some of that independent edge.
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