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Short Summary:

Sami overhears Nicole tell EJ that she is pregnant with his baby.

Sami knows that Nicole can't have children from what happened to her years ago and tells EJ but Nicole tells them the doctor that it's a miracle and shows off her baby bump.

Sami rushes out in horror without telling EJ anything and she decides to try to hide her pregnancy and goes shopping for some new clothes.

She's terrified of Stefano having two children at Stefano's disposal.

EJ comes to the cabin with the excuse of wanting to see Johnny. Sami realizes how much she wishes everything could be different with him and it's not, the hardest part is the she has to push him away. It's unspoken that he would give Nicole up if Sami thought that there could be something between them. She blows off him and dismisses her deep feelings for him.

After EJ leaves, Sami asks Lucas to claim paternity but he refuses. There's a sad moment between the two of them of how it could have their child. In that conversation, you see their torn feelings and how hard it is for Lucas to let go of the woman he loves - and advise her what to do about her pregnancy with this other man's baby.

By week's end, Sami decides to come clean and heads to the mansion. She gets more than bargained for. She has lost her front key and can't get in, so she goes around the back where she sees EJ and Nicole going at. It's heartbreaking for her, and she goes to leave and passes the front door, where she sees the mayor, who's been shot. The hit man is leaning over him and she doesn't know what it means but he aims the gun with the silencer ar her and it becomes quite clear.

Second Chances
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