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Overall, I thought today was an ok show. I did have a few issues with it though.

First off, I understand why they had Nick get a DUI (especially after already seeing Thursday's episode). It helps show that Nick is still torn up over losing Chelsea and it's the sort of stuff we should've seen last Spring after they broke up but never got. I also understand too that the Nick stuff was juxtaposed with the Melanie flashbacks as a way of making the viewer think that maybe Nick came to help her since he's hand is bruised and Melanie and Trent were struggling with the knife there. Having Nick say that he was responsible and then Melanie saying she couldn't remember what happened after Trent and her began scuffling...it's clear the show is just setting up the possibility that Nick came to Melanie's rescue so that possibility can be out there. That is all fine and good and I think the show did a good job TODAY with how it handled the juxtaposition (which is what I take issue with and I will get to that in a bit).

The flashback scenes were good. Roscoe and Molly work well together. Too bad they didn't share more scenes. I enjoyed seeing her mention how Max is all she has and how he is her home. I was touched when she said he is the only one she would miss. It was so sleazy of Trent to say that Caroline and Shawn weren't Max's parents. I only wish Trent was written the whole time the way he's been the past few weeks. He's much better this way. Blake also did a good job playing a drunk. He's done it before but he was hilarious in his scenes with Roman, especially his putting his arm around him and the whole "chipped tooth" thing. Nice seeing Maggie and I'm really glad they are using her more. Glad there is a Horton presence back on the show. Her lecture to Nick meant alot considering her past with alcohol. I just love little things like that because it shows the writers are paying attention. I also liked the talk Maggie and Nick had in the jail cell. Very effective way of sending things in the direction of Chick and also set up the triangle prospect with Melanie. This sets things up nicely tomorrow for when Chelsea and Nick talk and things get tense when Melanie arrives.

Anyway, on to my problem. Those who said it was dumb for us not to see the buildup to Nick's DUI were correct. That was plain stupid. I understand they have set issues but show him at the Pub having a few drinks and then he can maybe move on (since he clearly wanted to be at a place where no one could stop him from drinking). At least then we could get some setup. The whole Nick/Daniel thing should've been seen. That is important. I mean, it's not a huge deal but it helps set things up. It felt like whiplash today for him to just appear in the second segment and then we had to wait 45 minutes to hear what happened when we should've had some idea already. I get they dragged it out to have it follow with the Melanie flashbacks but still. I guess it can be read as the show thinking it has the same impact hearing about it as it would seeing it but it bugged me. The scenes were effective today though.

I do like Stax having conflict. They seem more interesting that way. As I mentioned on another thread, I was annoyed by all the dancing around in Stephanie and Max's dialogue. Stephanie never called Bo or Roman "uncle" when Max was around. She only used it with Melanie. I mean, Stephanie comes off as an outsider in the family and she isn't. Tomorrow isn't so bad in their scenes with Caroline but there is one instance where she asks Max "How is she?" referring to Caroline. It just gets annoying seeing all the dialogue dancing around. Just acknowledge the issue and handle it a bit and move on. Simple. The station scenes were good. i like all the reactions and suspicions concerning Melanie. No one knows her so that is realistic. I'm loving the Stephanie/Melanie tension. It's so good to see Stephanie doing more then playing sweetheart. The minute Melanie overheard what was going on at the end I knew what she was going to do. Even without spoilers you could tell she was eyeing a certain something Stephanie left behind when she went in the office. Nice brotherly scenes with Bo, Roman, and Max.

One other point about Max...I was stunned he still had the shirt. I assumed Bo and Roman would at least find it hidden or in a trash or something. Why would you keep it? The only thing I can think of is he held onto it and was going to take the rap for his mother if it came to it and she was found guilty. That is plausible. Stephanie knew about it too and never pushed him to toss it. That seems like a pretty big red flag though that he isn't guilty. Guilty people don't just keep incriminating evidence like that around.

I just love the Mayor. The guy is an ass but it's so nice to see someone call Bo and Roman on their shit and the smug way he approved of their investigation, knowing full well he forced their hand and gave them no wiggle room, was just so sadistic. The actor does a good job with it IMO.

Lumi felt like just filler but it moved the story along. I did like their scenes at the end where Lucas admitted to still caring for her and Sami mentioned how she isn't sure EJ wants her. That is the problem. EJ, who I do sympathize with also but to a lesser degree, has been ping ponging these woman for too long. He's doing the same thing Sami did to him and Lucas. Neither Sami or Nicole know what is going on. That is one of the things I sort of like about the story. They should've took one of the biggest mistakes of the Spring and Summer (the lack of direction in the story) and made it into a strength. Liked the mention of Sami lying about Will again. All the Will mentions seems to really hint at his return.

Ok show. The Trent stuff is unfolding nicely and I really enjoyed Maggie/Nick. Tomorrow is very good though. There is a Zack reference and some good acting from Kristian Alfonso, Rachel Melvin, and Blake Berris.
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