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Oct 8 2008, 11:47 AM
Oct 7 2008, 03:40 PM
Oct 7 2008, 03:29 PM
I hadn't ever thought of Phillip/Belle as Victor/Caroline......good point FanODays!!! It's true..........I really loved their chemistry. Too bad it went nowhere!!! I also liked Chloe and Shawn's chemistry.......he's really the only one Chloe has sparked with this time around IMO.
It also would have taken the show nicely into the next generation. Belle marries her love Shawn but is drawn to Philip and the three do a dance for years to come with Philip and Belle crossing paths in a number of different ways but with him marrying and having children, divorcing because his heart can only truly be given to Belle. Meanwhile Belle and Shawn build a wonderful life together but there is that itch that Belle has that only Philip can scratch.

Hmmm, maybe I should give up my day job and go and be a soap writer.
I would love that! It's the kind of story we used to get on DAYS--like with Bill, Laura and Mickey and the secret of Mike's paternity and Doug, Julie, Addy and the various men Julie was involved with, while always pining for Doug. So much angst and drama and romance! The shows don't take the time to build epic stories like that any more.
I agree but there are a large portion of fans who won't let the show take the time to build story like that.

For example, just check out several boards discussing the shows. After one week of story building, people get upset and can't take it anymore. There is just craving for something huge to happen everyday now and the ratings reflect that. It's not enough to just move story. You have to have an event or something with huge impact everyday to see great numbers. It should not be like that. It's made soaps feel they have to be fast-paced and we miss critical story beats as a result.

Years ago, fans had more patience in general. They were more willing to sit and watch things play out. That is why JER's tenure worked the first time. Patience was going downhill around the time of his second run and the show felt it. Spoilers have also hurt too. People know who is on and when something will happen. Less spoilers back then meant fans had to tune in and see for themselves and that is what helped investment and aided in fans having patience. They never knew when the big stuff was coming so they had to tune in and see for themselves. That allowed the show time to build slower-paced stories like that.

It's really sad that can't happen anymore because that is how payoffs were made to be worth it and many of soaps' best stories were of the kind your talking about.
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