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Oct 8 2008, 10:14 PM
The Lumi scene being mentioned me has me thinking. I like the sound of it but it almost makes it sound like something will happen there. It's almost like the show wants to reawaken Lumi for some reason but not make them endgame. It's clear Lucas and Chloe is going nowhere as the Sami issue will likely torpedo that as she will be living with them and Chloe already is having trouble with the Allie situation. Here is an idea I have based on the recent Lucas/Sami scenes and the scene being spoiled here:

I think Lucas is going to die saving Sami. All these scenes of him and her being friends, getting passed their differences, his saying he cares about her still...now we have this scene and it's clear they still have feelings. There is also that casting call about Will and Lucas dying would bring him back to Salem. Now we have Sami witnessing a murder and the killer is going to come after her. My feeling is Lucas may die saving Sami and maybe even Lucas' death will play into Kate's situation (maybe lung donation or something). This brings Will back to Salem. Sami maybe has a breakdown or maybe even loses the baby as a result. That is a good setup for Ali's leave. It would also have an impact on Chloe, who grew close to him. Just a though. I just think based on everything going on and the way things are going it could be heading into something like this.
I had the same thought last week. That everything sure was being tied up with a nice little bow where Lucas is concerned. Especially with the rumors swirling that Nelson posted. You could be on to something, Phoenix.
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