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Oct 8 2008, 11:14 PM
It's true, back in the day (before Al invented the internet ;)) The only spoilers you got were from the mags. You had to watch everyday to know if your favs were going to be on. I can remember watching just hoping for my favs everyday and by the time you realized they weren't going to be on, you were pretty much half way thru the show.

Stories could go longer then, we (the audience) were willing to wait for the payoff. Nowadays, we get everything NOW, so we want our payoffs NOW also. The writers have to be quick and move from one story to the next in order to keep the audience interested.

Also, with the internet, we can get spoilers almost daily and we know when our favs are going to be on and when their not....so therefore we can skip what we really aren't interested in.
Exactly and it's hurt all shows.

Not only that but the current spoiler situation allows fans to make a judgment before something actually happens. That hurts because many fans already have the mindset that something sucks going into the story, event, scene, or whatever and that makes it hard to change their mind, if it's possible to change their mind at all. At the very least it makes it hard to keep an open mind and makes it hard to enjoy something if the fan already feels it's horrible.

Before there was never enough detail to do that. Now most spoilers are so detailed that fans don't have to watch or can get a good enough read of something to condemn it on the spot and that is sad because things can play out better onscreen. Those preconceived notions are on the mind of the fans so that when they watch they've pretty much already decided and that is not a good thing.
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