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Oct 8 2008, 08:35 PM
Oct 8 2008, 07:27 PM
Oct 8 2008, 05:53 PM
Nicole Dimera
Oct 7 2008, 10:06 PM
This is what i've been observing on some boards. You have some people that hate Nicole because she got involved with EJ. Some of them don't want NIcole to walk away from this in a good light. They want her to become a psycho or be desperate so they can have something to trash about her since she hasn't done anything really bad since her return. Some say they don't like how Nicole is written now and that she's not the same Nicole and I agree. That's why I like her evolving. Do you remember the Brady/Chloe thing? She was written horribly and she was actually written very weak. This time around is refreshing instead of doing what she did before, she's handling this situation differently as well as her pregnancy and I think this is shocking some people who were hoping she'd be this nasty manipulative person who uses her pregnancy to snag EJ. So far that's not happening and I don't think it will with the way she's being written. Her perspective on life is becoming different as you can tell from her conversations with John. Right now it just shows that she's learning from her mistakes slowly but surely. She's not perfect and never will be but she's making an effort not to go down the same destructive path she did before and I hope it remains that way.

Some don't want to see her get herself together. They claim they want her to be a smartazz drunk or how she was before but at the same time they bash her for it and it's because she was with EJ. Like when Nicole called the cops she got bashed for it but the same ones claimed they wanted the old Nicole back well that was a glimpse of her, when Nicole found out she was preggers the first thing I read was that Nicole shouldn't be a mother she's a drunk, she's this, she's that yet they claim that's the Nicole they wanted back but bash her for it.

For some, as long as she is around EJ, Nicole has to be the bad guy, let's nitpick at everything to find some way to bash her. They want EJ to see her as this horrible person(he's no better) when really she's just loving EJ. She's not being nasty or mean to him or manipulating him into something he doesn't want to do. She simply have feelings for the guy and has the gall to admit it and put it out there on the line and risk being rejected. She really wanted to get it right this time and since EJ refuses to give her an honest and direct answer like a man, she left as she should. So I hope things stay the way they are as far as Nicole coming to her senses.

Then you have those that just hate Nicole period because of what she did in the past and that I can understand. Nicole did some nasty things in her past that some people can't forgive her for and I can't say that they should just forget it just like I can't get over what EJ did to Sami inorder to support EJami.
First of all, let me say that I am an Ejami fan.

Next....I just want to say that you are the first poster I have read (okay, folks, I'm new to this board) who really likes Nicole AND makes a really good case for her character. When I read your post, I started to get it.

It helps that I do think that Ari is a very, very good actress. And it helps that I think she is attractive, and therefore, easy for me to watch.

But...I am not switching camps. I can just better understand, based on your post, how some fans view Nicole. I really can't stand to read the Ejole posts at the nbc board. Ari/Nicole's fans there seem so, um, young. And so, um, stupid. Your post was intelligent and I got it.

I think the problem for Ejami fans is that to us, Ejami is just so incredibly special, and we've been tortured for so incredibly long, that ANYTHING or ANY character that gets in the way of EJami is going to piss us off. I believe a lot of us Ejami fans relate to Sami. At least I know that I do. I relate to Sami as being a good soul, but a seriously flawed character. I relate to her as being her own worst enemy, so often unable to get out of her own way in her attempts at getting what she wants. So I, and others like me, are protective of Sami.

And EJ is HERS, dammit. :frustration:

I will admit, for me, it's sport to bash Nicole. Even though I like Ari...and actually like the character of Nicole. I guess, like EJ, for me it's....complicated.

I'm a Nicole fan, 48 years old, with two college degrees and a third one on the way. But, of course, I don't post at NBC. :D
I will, however, agree with you about Nicole Dimera! I love her posts about Nicole.

But, if you REALLY look at it, there are posters in several fanbases that seem young OR stupid. Young and stupid don't go hand in hand.
Ladyofthelake, I just wanted to say I like you more and more with every post I read of yours. This comes from a 45 yo, college graduate, EJole fan. :laugh:
With age comes wisdom. :P ;)
We gotta cyberconnect sometime. Latter day baby boomer/early Gen X commiseration. LOL
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