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Nothing new in the spoiler department in this weeks' magazines.


Sneak peeks:

Nick and Melanie kiss
Sami vows to hide her pregnancy from EJ
Lucas stuns Chloe with a new roommate
Abe and Lexie are accused of being terrible parents
Sami witnesses a murder

John presents Marlena with signed divorce papers

Next week:

Chloe and Lucas enjoy a romantic evening
Philip sees through Marlena's devious side
Lexie confronts Stefano
Stephanie betrays Max's trust

Melanie confesses to Murder:

"Melanie stuns Max this week when she admits she might have killed Trent, although she doesn't remember exactly what happened."

A closer look, Kate:

Kate has it out with Chelsea this week and then gets into it with Daniel, when the pair have sex by the Kiriakis pool. Chelsea accuses Kate of faking her illness and Kate lets Chelsea have it. Kate's biopsy results come back inconclusive and LK says, "This is good news, Daniel is more reserved about it. Kate says if she is dying or even if she isn't , it's become very clear to her you shouldn't put off something that brings you pleasure and is like, 'Why am I denying myself?' You have to live in the moment. They (Daniel and Kate) come together over that. They succumb to passion. And open themselves up to something they've been denying and suppressing. It's a very complex, adult relationship and there are many aspects to it. It's deeper than a physical thing."

Trouble for Days' Sami:

Sami overhears Nicole telling EJ she is pregnant. Sami remembers that Nicole can't get pregnant because of what happened to Nicole years ago with the Colin thing. Sami tells EJ the story and Nicole says that she is pregnant and her baby is a miracle. Sami realizes EJ got them both pregnant and chickens out in telling EJ that she is also pregnant.

Sami decides to conceal her pregnancy and goes out to buy new clothes. "That's what Sami is at her best at ---- formulating plans," says Alison Sweeney (Sami).

EJ comes to the Horton cabin on the pretense to see Johnny. "You realize for the first time how Sami wishes everything could be different with him (EJ), but it's not, and the hardest part is that she has to be the one to push him away," notes Sweeney. "It's unspoken that he's saying to her that he would give Nicole up if Sami thought there could be something between them. But she blows it off."

After EJ leaves Sami asks Lucas to claim paternity of her baby. "She thinks it's a perfect solution." In that conversation, you see their torn feelings and how hard it is for Lucas to let the women he loves go -- and advise her what to do about her pregnancy with this other man's baby."

By weeks' end Sami decides to come clean and heads to the mansion to tell EJ the truth. "She realizes it's the right thing to do and maybe they'll have a chance to work things out." She loses her key to the front door and has to go around to the side to get in. Then she sees EJ and Nicole going at it. Heartbroken, Sami goes to leave and as she passes around the front door she finds the mayor, who has been shot, and sees the hit man standing over him. Sami doesn't understand what it all means, but when the hit man aims his gun at her, it all becomes quite clear to her.

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