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Oct 9 2008, 09:59 AM
Oct 9 2008, 09:56 AM
Oct 9 2008, 09:53 AM
How could Kate do something like that, she knows how Chelsea feels about Daniel. I guess she is back to her old self.
How could Kate...? Chan is over which Chelsea is the one who broke up with him. It's funny because as I recall, many Chan fans insisted that it was ok for Chelsea to semi-cheat on Nick with Daniel because "You can't help who you fall in love with?" I could certainly use that same excuse here. And Dan sure doesn't seem to have a problem with getting with Kate.
Why does everything always come back to poor Nick?

Im not as irritated by this situation with Kan getting together as I am about "Kate letting Chels have it" .... I wonder if that means shes going to try and have sex with Chelsea to. Kate should take an ad out in the paper to advertise her services, she might get more business then Dan upset about Chelsea again ..... Dan is on rebound once again frmo his feelings with Chelsea, and Kate is there to exercise with him, must suck being the rebound tramp.
Kate is on the verge of finding out she has lung cancer. Daniel is her doctor. ANd what's more, she has asked for another doctor and he basically refused. Chelsea's reaction to see Date together proves her immaturity and why Chan could never have succeeded (which Chelsea admits tomorrow). I think Kate probably should have just told Chelsea what she was facing, but I also feel for her that a human being can only take so much. What she and Dan did happened before Chan was a couple, it's not Kate's fault that Chelsea kept denying her feelings and the girl can't call dibs on men she SAYS she won't go after.

As for Dan being on the rebound, it's funny given he can't get Kate out of his system since they have slept together and it's him who has managed to keep her in his circle whereas Kate has been the one pushing away.

Looking at Kate's past as a hooker (which was years ago), at least she succeeded in being one where Chelsea attempted but failed miserably (and looked ridiculous doing it). Kate's love life is always on target here even though she's only averaged one guy per year which pails in comparison to some of the "good girls" that have been featured on this show (Carrie, Belle, Chloe). Of course, if people never change, then what does that say about Chelsea who ran over her brother and was pissed off at getting community service for it?
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