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Oct 9 2008, 09:59 AM
Oct 9 2008, 09:56 AM
Oct 9 2008, 09:53 AM
How could Kate do something like that, she knows how Chelsea feels about Daniel. I guess she is back to her old self.
How could Kate...? Chan is over which Chelsea is the one who broke up with him. It's funny because as I recall, many Chan fans insisted that it was ok for Chelsea to semi-cheat on Nick with Daniel because "You can't help who you fall in love with?" I could certainly use that same excuse here. And Dan sure doesn't seem to have a problem with getting with Kate.
Why does everything always come back to poor Nick?

Im not as irritated by this situation with Kan getting together as I am about "Kate letting Chels have it" .... I wonder if that means shes going to try and have sex with Chelsea to. Kate should take an ad out in the paper to advertise her services, she might get more business that way.... I mean how many times is she going to be rebound for Dan being upset about Chelsea ..... Dan is on rebound once again frmo his feelings with Chelsea, and Kate is there to exercise with him, must suck being the rebound tramp.
Um, what?

Kate defends herself to Chelsea because Chelsea is ignorant enuogh to try and assume that Kate is making up possibly having LUNG CANCER to her face for a man. Sorry Chels, Kate is not pathetic like you and doesn't havr to use underhanded tactics to get men. MEN GO AFTER HER. Daniel sleeps with Kate on his own, and like the interview says, it's an adult relationship, one that Chelsea wouldn't be able to understand. Kate's at a point in her life where Chelsea wouldn't be able to relate. Daniel on the otherhand can relate and their sex has NOTHING to do with rebounding from Chelsea. Christ, Chan are over.

That all sadly having to be said, I'm over the fucking moon that Kate and Daniel have sex by the kiriakis pool. Now that's sexy for a sexy couple. Can't wait.
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