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Oct 9 2008, 10:05 AM
Oct 9 2008, 10:03 AM
tripp, i think you're forgetting the 'chelsea clause': any man that chelsea once dated, is dating, or is thinking about maybe having a crush on is off-limits to everyone else in town. forever.
Its not about that but if you want to go there lets ..... so are you saying that Kate screwing Chelseas boyfriend a WEEK OR TWO after they broke up is OK ............ so does that mean that when Stax split next week that Chelsea wouldnt be at fault if she decided to jump into bed with Max?????? I mean Stax were in love and Dansea were in love... so whats the difference, OH Thats right, the difference is you guys alll hate Chelsea and you just think of any reason to make the rules different for her situations. Get over it.
Um, you get over it.
Chan is done, kaput, gone! Chelsea broke up with Daniel...and he and Kate are free to hook up whenever the hell they want. Dan tried to save it, Kate backed off and Chelsea couldn't get over it, so Chan is done!
And if the brat wants to sit there and act like a child and tell Kate that she is faking an illness, then she needs to get slapped.

I am not a fan of Chelsea, but I am just calling it like it is being played. I have followed the story since the beginning, and aside from some hotness in the locker room before Dan shoved her in a locker, the story never had a chance.
But at least it is over now. They need to move on because I am really sick of Chelsea mooning over Nick but still being pissed at Kate. Dan should have told her, he didn't and now they are broken up. Boo Hoo! Not like they were ever in love or dating for a long period. This was a summer fling!

And if you read any of this board, you will see that most of us don't hate Cheslea, we hated Chan. Big difference.
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