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Oct 9 2008, 02:49 AM
Nicole Dimera
Oct 8 2008, 09:45 PM
I will agree there are stupid posters in every fanbase..........I certainly don't think dsand meant any disrespect............I know NBC can be a harsh place!!!

We need to read that from d_sand.

I just returned to this board after several hours, and WHAMMO! I had no idea I was stirring something up with my comment! Sorry! Really.

Janalh was correct...I meant no harm. (Janalh sees my posts on another board, so probably felt like she knew where I was coming from...and I guarantee you, it was not from a place of insult.) Thanks, Jana.

The reason I felt comfortable making that comment was because I saw a huge difference between the type of posts I seem to find on the nbc board and what I've seen here so far....particularly about Nicole and Ejole. It's 2 am and I should be going to bed, so I probably won't be all that eloquent (hey, just call me a "stupid Ejami fan"). I don't frequent the nbc board. I usually go there when I'm completely bored and looking for a laugh. Maybe I've just hit that board on the "wrong" days, but I seem to stumble onto some really ridiculous posts over there. I highly doubt that I've ever run across any of the posters from this board over there. Trust me. The posts I'm referring to at nbc are BAD.

So, in my (obviously) misguided way, I was actually trying to be complimentary to THIS board. I was trying to express that I was glad that I had found another "good" (i.e. insightful, thoughtful, intelligent) board on which I could participate. I hope I wasn't wrong. Maybe I felt too comfortable too quickly.

Having said that, I have to say....I don't understand why anyone here would assume that I was being insulting here. I guess I should have lurked a bit more before posting, so I could have better gauged the temperature on this board.

I'm taking the long way around to say that I'm sorry if I offended anyone. That wasn't my intention.
No prob, dsand!! ;) I knew you didn't mean anything disrespectful!! Hang in there, this is a great board, with a lot of different viewpoints. You've made your point correctly, and I think everythings cool now!! Keep posting!! :wave:
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