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Nicole Dimera
Oct 9 2008, 11:31 PM
I honestly think Sami is a moron. She just makes things harder on herself and it really doesn't have to be that way if she'd listen.
The writing is painting Sami to be completely led by her fears. And that makes for an icky-looking Sami to me. (this is coming from someone who loves Sami. But I can still be bugged by her, and am...frequently.)

I think that Phoenix may be onto something. All the signs are there to indicate something huge happening btw Lucas and Sami. I mean more huge than them getting along and not screeching at one another. And I mean more huge than dopey "sleepwalking sex". The writing is giving Lumi all kinds of closure right now, which would be very necessary if something bad was about to happen to Lucas. (Lumi fans would be devastated if they had to lose Lumi AND there had been no closure.)

It's hard for me to fathom that Days would kill Lucas off, even though the drama potential is definitely there. Bryan has a large following, doesn't he? But they certainly are setting the stage for this to happen, imo.

As an Ejami fan, if this were to happen, I really hope that Sami is able to tell EJ that she loves him before something happens to Lucas. If not, Lumis will say to THEIR dying day that the only reason Sami is saying she loves EJ is that Lucas is no longer an option.
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