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I really enjoyed today.

The babysitter is not a bad actress so I look forward to her involvement. Loved the stuff with the mayor and how he taunted Abe, especially with bringing up Theo's autism. I really like this mayor story and Abe running for mayor. The two guys helping him are even good actors. The cliffhanger was very good too. RJ nailed it and let me just say that after watching tomorrow's already RJ and JR are both amazing. I know someone who has a child with autism and it is common for this to happen and it is common for the child to look for someone familiar while with someone he or she doesn't know or like. Plus, the babysitter wasn't giving him any attention so I can understand it. The scenes tomorrow play out very well.

I so agree about Chelsea/Nick/Melanie. The chemistry on both sides is off the charts and, as I said yesterday, I understand why they had Nick get the DUI. It showed that Nick still isn't over Chelsea and it also kind of played up Nick's possible involvement in Trent's murder. I really enjoyed Hope's involve today too. KA was powerful in those scenes and I liked the Zack mention as Chelsea came on. I'm glad they mention that every now and then. The Chick scene was good and great use of flashbacks when Chelsea asked Nick about his hand and Melanie overheard, recalling he told a different story when she asked about. The awkwardness when Melanie made her presence known was just perfect. I hope the show sticks with a Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle. It has so much potential.

Enjoyed the Bo/Hope scenes and Bo/Melanie, i really loved the theme in the Bo/Melanie scene. Never heard that background theme before. Nice seeing Caroline and, as I said yesterday, even without spoilers it was easy to see what Melanie would do based off that last scene yesterday. I just love her being devious and stirring out trouble for Stax. Wat to make her well-liked LOL. I love that Stax has some conflict now and I really like how this Trent thing is progressing.

I really enjoy the Nicole/Philip friendship too. Loved hearing Nicole mention Pookie's playmate and it's always funny hearing her phone bark LOL. At first, I wondered how Nicole knew Trent's wallet was gone but I'm sure that was mentioned in the news that Trent was found dead with his wallet missing. It's clear Philip was going to tell Bo about the wallet lead but seeing Melanie stopped him. He figured out it had to be her and since he was with her when she dropped her purse last week, he probably saw it or glanced at it or something. That really was a poor cover on Philip's part. He would've been better off saying he made mistake instead of the money donation idea. Bo and Hope aren't stupid. I guess it sets up some suspicions though.

Not bad today. Good movement in stories and very enjoyable. Tomorrow is a very good Friday episode though. It has a decent cliffhanger and the Lexie/Abe stuff is just fantastic.
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