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Oct 10 2008, 01:03 AM
Oct 9 2008, 03:17 PM
LK is very beautiful and some of Days' most memorable recent love scenes have involved her and RJ, who is also in her 50's I believe. Age has nothing to do with it. Days has many beautiful woman over 50.

These do sound great. I'm very excited for the mayor stuff and the Abe/Lexie spoiler interests me too. I'm also getting really into this double pregnancy stuff and I never thought that would happen. Glad the Trent stuff is moving somewhere too and Daniel/Kate sounds very good.
I always can remember Renee Jones birthday as she shares it with my dad which happens to be this Monday the 13th. I can't remember exactly but RJ is either one year older than my dad or one year younger and my dad turns 49 on Monday. So RJ might just be days away from 50. ;)

I also think LK is one of the sexiest women in daytime, I am actually looking forward to a Date love scene.

Did Chelsea and Daniel even have sex? :shrug:
My bad. I thought she was already 50. I think I confused her age with Tanya Boyd, who I believe is in her 50's because I recall many of us marveled at her and Renee being not so far off in age.

Oh and Chelsea and Daniel never had sex, thank God. They had planned to the day she learned about him and Kate. Perfect timing indeed :laugh: .
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