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Oct 9 2008, 09:37 AM
Oct 8 2008, 03:55 PM
Oct 8 2008, 03:28 PM
"The last thing I wanted to do before I wrap up, was say thank you to everyone. You are all amazing fans and you have no idea how much it means to me to know you're all in my corner. "

Direct quote from Rachel on her blog. She said thank you to all her fans...used the word everyone. So she does appreciate all her fans and everything that is done for her and said on her behalf. I just wish that everyone would read everything she says and not jump to any conclusions. She takes the time to be personable and share a piece of her with all of us. You would think true Rachel fans would be grateful but instead everyone picks apart what she says. I love the fact that she blogs it is so nice to get to hear from her but honestly after this I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want to blog anymore. I don't understand how someone can call themselves a fan and then go to another website and blast them. To me that just doesn't add up.
Who's blasting Rachel? Are you referring to some posters not agreeing 100% with everything she said? That's not blasting; that's discussion. Just as Rachel has a right to blog whatever she wants, we have a right to say whatever WE want. If Rachel can't handle that, she needs to stay away from the message boards altogether.

As to my point I was trying to make previously, I didn't say that Rachel doesn't appreciate all her fans. I was talking about the perception that she is favoring one fanbase because they agree with her favored storyline. I hope Rachel has a long career, and if she does there will probably be many stories she doesn't like, but she has to do her best with what she's given. She doesn't want to risk alienating the writers or any of her fans. It would be a good idea to take a look at those who have been on the show a long time and notice how they handle their fans. That's all I'm saying.

Now I'm going to go bang my head against the wall.
We all have that right to say what we want...its the nice thing about fanboards, blogs, and the internet in general. We all have a right to come on here and say pretty much whatever we want. From Rachel to you to me to everyone else on this thread and board. What bothers me here is the amount of flack that Rachel is getting from one comment on one blog. She said that she wanted to thank the people at a particular website. Rachel was just reaching out to her fans...that is not uncommon. Lets take that look at some of the "more experienced" people on the show and how they handle their fans shall we. Ok who should we start with....hmm lets say Peter Reckell....when was the last time he acknowledged fans....ok how about Kristian Alfonso...can't remember her either...ok lets go with someone a little younger....how about Arianne Zucker or Nadia Bjorlin...as you can see the list goes on and on. Unless these people are specifically asked about fans they don't mention them or do anything to reach out to them. Rachel takes the time to spend a few minutes "talking" to her fans. So I would say that once again she is miles ahead of the rest of the cast she works with.

In Rachel's defense when Chick was the couple she was so new to the industry she didn't do anything like she does it now...she is a completely different person and she has learned so much. Now she does talk to the fans more and is more vocal and gives more interviews therefore she is going to say more about Dansea as it is the current storyline.

I want to say something else just so people don't think you have just a Dansea fan talking here and that I don't completely understand. I have been a Rachel fan the entire time she has been on the show there was something about her that made me love her even when Chelsea wasn't always the lovable person she is today. Back in the day I even liked Nick and Chelsea, was a hard core fan, no but I did like them. However now I see that Nick and Chelsea to eachother were that pivotal person in eachothers lives who prepared the other for what was to come next for "the one." I don't understand why it is so wrong for Rachel to see that as well and then voice her opinion on it. And lets not forget nothing gets said in the interviews they give that the show wouldn't approve of for several reasons.

Here's the other thing I don't understand about some fans...for me when I like someone I want to see them do something they enjoy doing...like if I have a fav actor I want to see them in storylines they love just because I am a fan. So being a Rachel fan first and foremost I want to see her in the storyline she wants...that would be Dansea. So if you call yourselves a Rachel fan then how can you not want what she wants for her character?

One last thing...the Jay K Johnson rumor that was mentioned in this thread....if it was rumored that he didn't like Phorgan but he never talked about it then how did it get out? I guess some psychic read his mind and started that rumor! No that means he said something to someone. All actors have things they like better than others...its part of being human. All actors are going to talk better about certain storylines than they are others...again part of being human. So don't fault Rachel for something that is completely natural is all I am asking.
I certainly don't think he publicly blogged it. If you go into reading Rachel's blogs with an impartial mind, you'll see a trend.
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