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Oct 10 2008, 05:53 AM
Um, yes I did. If I were 23, I would be seriously uncomfortable with it. It's not necessarily about age, but it's about who can pull it off - she can't. She comes off as 19 to me. JMO.

Food for thought: Hugh Hefner's ex 'girlfriend' Kendra is 23 - if someone like her was thrown in a romance with the guy who plays Dan, I'm sure it would be much more believable! Not that I like Kendra, I just can't think of someone else who's 23 LOL.
But, Cassie, this isn't the point that many of us are arguing. This feeds into Chan fan's fears that people who don't like Chan dislike it SOLELY for the age reason. And, that's not necessarily so.
And to compare Shawn Christianson to Hugh Hefner???
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