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Oct 8 2008, 06:56 PM
Oct 8 2008, 06:05 PM
Oct 8 2008, 05:53 PM
I really can't stand to read the Ejole posts at the nbc board. Ari/Nicole's fans there seem so, um, young. And so, um, stupid. Your post was intelligent and I got it.

wha? i post over there in support of nicole all the time. i guess we don't see the same things, either that, or you find my level of discourse below you. in that case, we will have to agree to disagree.

i agree with the person that you quoted that some will hate nicole no matter what she does. when she first came on, all i heard from the ejami camp is that nicole was going to whirl into town, trick ej and hurt sami in some horrible way. that hasn't happened. as soon as her character begin to take on maturity and responsiblity, she's blasted for not being in character, when really, the ejami fans were waiting with bated breath for her to revert to her old self--so they could roundly bash her for it. so you see, no matter what nicole does, the ejami fans will hate her. i understand part of that is being protective of sami, and that is fine. but a lot of ejole fans, such as myself, are just plain ej fans, and we're sick of the way sami treats him. so as much as you want to defend her and relate to her, i, in turn, despise her and love nothing better than persecuting her for her BS.
Well, I can only speak for myself, but I've hated Nicole for a really long time. Since she married Lucas and helped him get custody of Will to be precise. I hated the way she treated Will after that. But when she evicted Greta from her apartment for sheer spite--I think it's the most I've ever hated a character on a soap. Greta never did anything to Nicole except lose Eric to her.

That said, it's a soap. And I could forgive Nicole if she took responsibility for her actions. If she actually cared about the effect she'd had on other people's lives. That's the way they used to write redemption stories. I realize that Taylor and Greta are off the show. But I haven't seen her apologize to Lucas, Sami, Victor, Philip, Marlena, or any of the other people she hurt when she was being evil. I realize that a lot of these people hurt her too. And with Victor at least, she's as much sinned against as sinning. But what about Chloe? She never apologized. And now they're best friends? That's not redemption. That's white washing. And it drives me nuts.
I agree with this post. She had the gall to put Sammi down a couple of times by saying, "Do you know how many people she has blackmailed in this town?, etc. Hello. Open your eyes and look in the mirror. Nicole is friend and confidante to all of Salem now because Higley wants her to be. Not because it makes any sense. She sucks at showing character development. It is just there one day out of the blue. The last character that had her character develop and change in a meaningful way was Chelsea.
I believe that was before Pigley's tenure, although I could be mistaken. :hmmph:
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