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Oct 10 2008, 06:07 AM
Oct 10 2008, 05:53 AM
Um, yes I did. If I were 23, I would be seriously uncomfortable with it. It's not necessarily about age, but it's about who can pull it off - she can't. She comes off as 19 to me. JMO.

Food for thought: Hugh Hefner's ex 'girlfriend' Kendra is 23 - if someone like her was thrown in a romance with the guy who plays Dan, I'm sure it would be much more believable! Not that I like Kendra, I just can't think of someone else who's 23 LOL.
But, Cassie, this isn't the point that many of us are arguing. This feeds into Chan fan's fears that people who don't like Chan dislike it SOLELY for the age reason. And, that's not necessarily so.
And to compare Shawn Christianson to Hugh Hefner???
Shawn Christian compared to Hugh Hefner...please that is the worst comparison I have ever heard. And I take personal offense at a slam on age from anyone. And I am 24 and I have been in that relationship...with someone 20 years older than me so I see it very very very differently than all of you.

I hear what people say about the age difference and saying that it isn't the only reason they don't like Dansea and I keep trying to see what they see and why they don't like it but for me I just don't see it. People say Rachel looks young....I say well she is young she is 23 and when I see her I don't see someone that looks 19 but I guess I am alone there. When I look at her and Shawn I don't see a huge age difference. I don't see him making her look "so young."
You call it hero worship...I believe Chelsea set the record straight on that more than once for the audience sake and for Daniel. So I think they made it loud and clear that it isn't hero worship because he saved her dad. I think she is grateful to him for saving her dad and a part of her felt like what he did was important. I don't see the way she acted around him as hero worship.
The pedastal Daniel was placed on by everyone in town from Victor to Lexie to the entire Brady family was about telling a story. The writers knew where they were going with Daniel's back story so they had to set him up as a fantastic world renowned surgeon who has saved countless lives and is fantastic at what he does so that when the back story of Daniel came out the audience wouldn't hate him so quickly because they barely knew him.
As for the other point people say that it happened too quickly that it didn't have buildup. Here's the thing sometimes in life you just meet someone and you click you can't explain it but you do. And sometimes "it doesn't make sense on paper" but it just works. Here you had two people that met and had an instant connection that is very very realistic. And I hate to disappoint some of you long time soap viewers that love the year long build up to the first kiss...those days of storytelling are over. They don't do that on any show with any couple anymore. We live in an instant gratification world and people tune out things that drag on so every show daytime and primetime have picked up the pace. That form of storytelling is dead.
Last thing...I am a RACHEL fan first and foremost...I love Dansea but I love Rachel...have been a Rachel fan for much longer, so if the shout out in her blog had been to Chick fans I would have been disappointed being a Dansea fan but being the Rachel fan first I most certainly would not have gone to another message board and talked about how horrible I thought it was what she said. But I guess that's just another difference between me and all of you.
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