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Okay. About today's show.
I must say I was annoyed/frustrated/confused about the Sami conversation with her parents. WTF! Did they get anything out of it? She said she was in big trouble and needed their help, yet she didn't tell them anything. Why didn't they strap her down and insist after that comment! That was a whole segment of waste it seemed.

John and Nicole was cute, and glad she finally came clean! Can't wait to see the EJ reaction.

Lexie and Abe did great today...and all I could think of watching RJ is "that woman is almost 50?!?!?" Great crier! Cute that Theo went to see Chelsea and responds to her so much better.
Dan and Chelsea had a cute scene. I almost felt for them today. Dan still seems to pull off some feelings for her, but one of them needs to chill and stop making the moon eyes at each other. I feel it is over and they need to relax and stop tensing up whenever the other is in the room. Time to move on...glad Daniel does.

It was a good epi today...good little cliffhanger. So looking forward to next week.
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