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Oct 10 2008, 11:53 AM
Oct 10 2008, 11:43 AM
I'd want things resolved alot more than they are. That never seems to happen with this writing team though. We're just presented with a change as a fact, and don't get to see real growth. I think that's a shame.

Very well put. The "redemption" of St. EJ springs to mind. I'm still waiting on his apologies to everyone he tried to kill. I also didn't hear him apologizing to Sami for torturing her by making her think he had poisoned her and her unborn babies; I guess they didn't have time to fit that in to the five minute explanation of how December 29 was him thinking he was making love to her.

I don't think it's just this writing team, though. Lucas and Sami both got whitewashed beyond recognition by Hogan and both IMO suffered immensely for it. Hogan made EJ way too BSC and Dena tried to fix it through the magical combination of ignoring most of it and offering a half-hearted and insulting "explanation" for his actions towards one (and only one) of his victims. I've lost hope that EJ trying to kill Lucas by locking him in the freezer truck will ever be brought up. And I don't even like Lucas!
My comment was meant as a general comment, not Nicole only. I've felt the same way about EJ, and I've wanted more resolution/discussion between other characters as well.

However, Ej has at least been shown reflecting on his life and being genuinely sorry for how he was. He sided against Stefano and appears to be trying to turn over a new leaf. I would LOVE them to redeem him more. I'd like him to have real interactions with the people he's hurt, have him make selfless decisions that show he's changed. Telling Marlena about John and turning away from Stefano were a start, but I'd like to see it progress a lot more, even if they keep him gray and show him struggling with decisions. I like that his primary motivation now is Johnny and making good choices for his son. I think they've shown him growing in his day to day activities, but I'd certainly like more real story. I was hoping the Dimera story would be a perfect opportunity to test Ej's character and have him show without doubt where his loyalties lie, but that seems to have disintegrated. They've been too busy having him and Sami ping pong back and forth to give anyone any real story imo.

I've just never seen Nicole appear sorry for anything she's done. As I mentioned, this baby is the first I've seen of any kind of hope that she'll want to be a better person for her child. After seeing how much she wants this child, I personally was hoping she'd continue and that they would show her changing as she struggles to have and raise this baby. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

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