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Oct 10 2008, 08:11 PM
Okay. About today's show.
I must say I was annoyed/frustrated/confused about the Sami conversation with her parents. WTF! Did they get anything out of it? She said she was in big trouble and needed their help, yet she didn't tell them anything. Why didn't they strap her down and insist after that comment! That was a whole segment of waste it seemed.
What WAS the point of the Sami/Roman/Marlena scene? I couldn't think of any except maybe having Marlena/Roman start up now that she's divorcing John. Now that I'm thinking of appearances per actor increasing guarantees, all I could think was, save Marlena for good scenes. The scene didn't even make any sense. Sami says all that, then runs off. Total wtf moment.

Did like the ep overall though. Excellent EJ talk with John. Loved it. I wish I understood where they are going with this though. Seems like they are having John not see a doctor just to drag it out. I hope there's a real reason for all this. I do like how John's thinking so much about feelings and emotions, or lack thereof, but see a doctor!!! Him giving up and just letting himself wind down is disappointing. Enjoyed the John/Nicole/Ej scenes and looking forward to Ej's reaction Monday, kinda dreading Sami's. Liked Kate, Dan, Abe, Lexie, still not crazy about Chelsea, but like her with Theo. He's a cute little guy.

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