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i just want to jump in on the remorse/redemption debate. no character ever truly shows remorse on this show--not nicole, or ej, or sami, or anyone else that has ever done anything bad. true remorse isn't about doing a favor for someone that you hurt and being redeemed. it's not even about being sorry for the consequences of your actions. remorse is about feeling bad for your MOTIVES for committing the act. i don't remember ej ever addressing the fact that he did all of the bad things he did because of his obsession with sami, and his willingness to be one of stefano's soldiers. he's never been sorry that his obsession with sami hurt her and lucas and will. he just doesn't care. and this is coming from an ej fan, too. i agree that nicole has not been totally redeemed, but neither has ej or sami. ej has been working on it, sami, not so much. she is just as childish and vindictive as she has ever been.
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