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Oct 11 2008, 10:11 AM
lady - for some, yes.

I totally forget the BD has an autistic son. Maybe he doesn't mention it anymore because he doesn't want to be associated with this story...but then again, BD isn't one to shy away from the press. YOu would think they would ask him/include him in experiences, especially if his marriage suffered because of it. Although Abe and Lexie will seem to tackle this together...which is odd as most the couples of children who have kids with autism seem to split - that is definitely my opinion of people I know. I don't know the statistics.

Oh, in yesterdays show, Sami asked Marlena to name one Dimera child that has a normal childhood...what about Theo? Sorry. OT.
Not OT at all! I mean, well, it's 7 degrees of separation. The article is about Dena Higley's story on autism, and Theo is the autistic child, so, yeah. LOL Plus, it can show that kids of "normal" upbringings can have difficulties.
I'll think positively and think that they asked Bryan if he'd like to be a part of it, and he turned them down for his son's sake. ;)
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