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I second that WORD!

And Fuzzy - I really have no clue what they should do with EJ now. I kind of like him the way he is. I honestly think that they were going to kill EJ off after the rape or whatever, but fan reaction to him was pretty big.
I admit that I was surprised that I still liked the guy...even after all of his shit that he pulled. Don't know why. Is it because he is a good character? Or because he is so damn gorgeous? Don't know.

I liked him when he was pretty devious and his slimy one liners, but with a guy like that, there isn't much you can do with him to make him interact with other characters that like him. You could keep him as an outsider, and have him never win...because the bad guys on Days never win.

Or you can kind of insta-redeem him like they did, throw him in the mix with everyone and build stories around him. He is a great actor and good looking and has chemistry with many other actors, so it is smart that they use him.

Back in the day when Sami was a hellion with an attitude, he and Sami would have made a great couple with her being pulled to be a good Brady and a bitchy Dimera and I thought they would be a great story, but alas, they made her Saint Sami, Savior of the Bradys and it just killed her for me. And that made EJ look like pathetic psycho who followed her like a puppy.

EJ's redemption was quick and they really did white wash him, and his presence at Shawn's funeral was the weirdest thing this show has done, but I am glad they didn't kill him off.
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